Discussing Life While Drinking Tequila – Part 2 EP #57

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Discussing Life While Drinking Tequila Part 2. Episode 57.

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On today’s episode we have one of Rob’s best friends; Mike Mudrick in studio. The episode ran a little long and we hope that you stay and listen until the end. A few episodes ago Rob spoke about a health scare and on today’s episode he went into detail. The guys also spoke about what its like to be officially in their mid 40’s. This episode is full of personal stories, lots of laughs, fun and even some politics in between (Is Rob thinking about going into politics?)

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Mass Shooting In El Paso Texas EP #56

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Mass Shooting in El Paso Texas Episode #56

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Another mass shooting, this seems to be the new normal, especially with the rhetoric that Trump spews at his rallies. The mass shooter in El Paso targeted Latinos. These types of mass shootings need to stop, we must vote out of office all of the right wing nuts that are ok with white supremacists who are targeting people of color.

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Started A New Business EP # 55

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EP # 55

I hope that you are having a great spring!
On today’s episode I talk about a health scare I had and how that kept me away for a bit. I also want to tell you about a small business I recently started. You can find out more at: www.simplemanproductsnyc,com

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The New Policy of Tear Gassing Babies In Diapers EP # 54

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Episode #54
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Quick little episode about what took place over the Thanksgiving weekend at the Mexico-USA border. Follow me on Instagram : @aguilarrob
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Veterans Before Illegals EP # 53

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Episode #53

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Recorded this episode from my phone. I wanted to share really quickly my thoughts on the mail bombs that were sent to democrats, news outlets and Trump critics. Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions via Twitter : www.twitter.com/robertaguilar Follow me on Instagram : @aguilarrob

Doctor Right Wing Nut EP # 52

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So on this episode I am going to share a conversations that was supposed to be featured on the other podcast I am working on “Life is Good”. The guest, a gentleman by the name of Doctor Clete turned out to be a right wing Trump supporter. What I found interesting is that Trumpsters and right wing nuts are not just uneducated, redneck hillbillies. I hope you find this conversation interesting and entertaining.

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Alex Jones has his content removed from major platforms EP # 51

Episode #51

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Recorded this quick episode from my phone, so the sound quality isn’t the best. Just popped in to share my views on Alex Jones’ content getting removed from platforms like ITunes, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and a few others. The internet went crazy with opposing views. I’d love to know what you think, send me an email at


The Bollywood Lawyer

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Episode # 49

Joining us today is Seema Iyer, host of The Bollywood Lawyer Podcast! You have to check that podcast out over at http://www.thebollywoodlawyer.com
Seema is currently covering a very interesting case, it the case of Tyra Patterson, Tyra has been in prison for 22 years for a crime she did not commit.

We also talked about marriage, Seema believes that marriage is one big giant trap and that only people with no ambition get married ! I had a blast on this episode.

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The Orange Muppet

On Episode #48

How do we stop the orange muppet? Singer, song writer Skip Haynes tells us how. Make sure you check out Skip’s website at:http://lakeshoredrivemusic.com/

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All Women Are Crazy!

Episode # 47

That’s right, you read the title of this episode correctly: All Women Are Crazy! But don’t take our word for it, Heather Havenwood of http://www.datingtriggers.com/special-report/ is our guest on today’s episode. She says its a fact that all women are crazy but its the psycho you need to avoid. This was one interesting conversation.

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